Walk to go to the Inn of Shihab

La Locanda del Shihab to Salihu was opened a few weeks ago. Sara, the former Mayor of Vetto, has taken over the property that used to be called "La Locanda degli Asini".

Walking in the woods of Val Tassaro

Go to the new Inn by Salihu was also an excuse to take a beautiful walk and photographing the trees, with the explosion of green these days, they show their new fragile leaves.

When I see for example the gems of the manna ash (above) make me think of fractal and Russian Matryoshka Dolls, also where there's always a smaller copy of the original.

Val Tassaro is developing.

Come to the Inn I had a chat with Sara and told them about the Valley and its prospects for the future and the importance of the internet in promoting.

Slowly, in fact, are increasing the structures around the Val Tassaro: that's a good sign, tourists/visitors have more choice, and it's also an incentive to continue to promote this beautiful natural area rich in historic villages. But we continue to focus on responsible tourism, tourism that is respectful of our places and fragile nature still preserved in this valley. So we talked about the collaboration on the web site of Val Tassaro and soon there will be also the webpage of the Shihab.

Some pictures of Spigone: April 2015

Locanda del Shihab

Locanda del Shihab

Val Tassaro April 2015

Bed and Breakfast La Fossa trail at Spigone

Bed and Breakfast La Fossa trail at Spigone

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