Trattoria Serena Borghi Fifth in Pineto


Route Pineto, 14 Vetto (KING)
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Closed on the following Monday

In winter, from Tuesday to Friday, lunch always open for dinner by reservation only minimum 6 people

Simplicity, quality and authentic flavors.

Our specialties

We recommend you try 3 quality tortelli (potatoes, pumpkin and spinach ricotta), cappelletti in broth or fresh pasta as tagliatelle seasoned with various sauces. The second most popular dishes are stewed game such as wild boar, served with fresh or Fried polenta and casaghei (label). Also try the lamb chops breaded and fried.

A trattoria serving typical specialities from Reggio 1947 offers delicious.

We also propose several traditional desserts we produce as a trifle, the cake, tiramisu, Apple Pie noodles and different types of pies. The sweet Serena, a delicious Parfait processed by Serena, remains the favorite of our customers.

The Local

We offer several proposals to the full of taste and genuineness, accompanied by a good wine and fresh-squeezed courtesy that made the restaurant for years, the meeting place for the real gourmets. The restaurant is simple but welcoming, consisting of two rooms to accommodate up to 90 people.

The Staff

Serena, Franca and Chappy, soberly, trying to heal in every aspect, caring service especially to put at ease customers by establishing a friendly and familiar.

Our history

The year 1947 in Pineto by Vetto when Arnaldo and his wife Bice Beretti Villages opened the small tavern in the village and a small grocery store. Arnaldo also founded in those years the company towns, car rental company from remittance, dealing with the transportation of the inhabitants of the village of Pineto and surrounding villages. Arnaldo and Bice are still remembered for their helpfulness and kindness towards customers and friends. In a few years the Villages became a meeting place for many generations, also famous for the dance floor where they were guests at the world's leading orchestras of the ' 70-' 90.

The two activities of Trattoria and hire intertwine even today thanks to his son Quintus and his wife Serena who continue with many sacrifices and passion both tasks.

Other services

  • Bar
  • Grocery store
  • Pizzeria with wood oven only Sunday evening      
  • Dogs are allowed (polite) upon request.
  • On reservation we can offer menus for Celiacs and gluten intolerant
  • We accept payment by cash or VISA

Rental cars and vans

For excursions in the area Borghiviaggi rent a car and vans to individuals and groups. Visit the official website:


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