Tassaro falls

The waterfalls of Tassaro lie between Scalucchia, the mill of Chichino and Crovara. Map of Val Tassaro.

Tassaro waterfall

Tassaro waterfall

There are a few ways to get to the waterfall of Tassaro:

1. Starting from Scalucchia, Vetto (KING)

Total journey time of ring: 45 minutes.

  • In Scalucchia climb down into the village and keep left at the beginning of the path CAI 670c.
  • The trail is well marked with red and white signs drops down steeply. At some point there is a small arrow that says "waterfall". Follow the mark right, otherwise you will make a round trip and return to Scalucchia. This is the path of return (CÀI 670b) after visiting the waterfall.
  • At some point you'll come to the rio Tassaro and you are very close to the waterfall.
  • You have to follow the River upstream, going right.
  • To return you have to climb up on the same path taking the path CAI 670b going right, coming back to Scalucchia.

2. Starting from Crovara, Vetto (KING)

Total time 90 minutes walking ring.

  • The route begins in Crovara onto the trail of the duchies (SD) that starts to the East of the Church (wooden signs), descending into the Valley and crossing the Prairies below the fortress where was the castle of Crovara, along a forest track (red/white signs);
  • in about 20 ' you will come across the bed of the rio Tassaro. After crossing a bridge you turn left onto the trail CAI 670B, which you can reach in other 15 ' waterfall, one of the most beautiful in the Apennines. Follow the rio Tassaro always against the tide.
  • For Crovara, arrived at the junction after the Ford, it always follows the trail 670B steeply uphill facilitated by steps up to a junction.
  • Here you can choose whether to go right or left the trails are equivalent, they bring you both to Scalucchia; the trail 670B is a little longer but less steep, the 670 C is shorter and steeper, but nicer.
  • You arrive in the village from beneath the walls of what remains of the Tower House, usual residence of the swamp, worth continue on right to admire a beautiful sixteenth-century frieze of the ruling family.
  • Retracing your steps, following directions, we descend back into the ancient trail connecting Scalucchia to rio Tassaro Crovara.

3. Starting from the mill of Chichino, lncoln

The return is on the same path: 30 minutes. 

  • Just past the bridge over the Tassobbio, turn left into the path of the duchies (signs on the right of the bridge).
  • Along a dirt track (b/r) until a crossroads, with a bridge but we will ignore and continue straight up the trail CAI Tassaro 670B.
  • The setting is wild with particular vegetation, typical of a humid with little sunshine; the clayey mud flows are always looming in rainy periods, in fact some sections of the trail require some attention to not slip.
  • The trail continues on the right who rises along the Tassaro, until you arrive near the waterfall, Here the path now climbs to the right for a few meters up to an intersection, turn left and descend to the Ford, right, go up to Scalucchia.
  • Forded the rio, after a few meters and passing an outcrop of sandstone, you will arrive in front of the waterfall of Tassaro between steep sandstone walls in a magical setting and severe.
Map Val Tassaro 2016

Map Val Tassaro 2016

Photos along the paths

Tassaro falls, photographed from above

Tassaro falls, photographed from above

Tassaro waterfall

Tassaro waterfall