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The Bar Restaurant Liva and tastes is a small restaurant in the village of Casalecchio where you must rediscover the flavors of mountain traditions. On our table you can taste the ravioli of four types (Greens, potatoes, squash and mushrooms), the tagliatelle and ravioli, cappelletti. We prepare everything by hand: there is no pre-packaged, from the first to the second to desserts such as: the sweet sweet love, tile, the tagliatelle cake, trifle or the famous pie in the cellar.

All prepared according to recipes of grandmother with such care and simplicity.

Restaurant history

Ours is a story that began many years ago, from our paternal grandmother Mary who cooked on a few occasions, such as the village Festival; This story continues with his son Luciano and daughter-in-law Liva: dinners prepared increased and our local began to take its current shape. It came then to the present day when managing we: the children with their families. Over the years the restaurant has undergone many changes to its exterior. We tried to make more pleasant and comfortable the green area around the Club, looking at what we had around through the eyes of kids. Thinking of the children has created a small playground, a football pitch with two doors, a challenge area with table football and table tennis, while for larger an area "relax" with some Sun.

Specialty Pasta Dishes

Our "workhorse" are the ravioli. We serve them by four types: potatoes, mushrooms, pumpkin, Swiss chard and spinach. We try to use the best raw materials in the area; even in the summer or until the weather permits we harvest the vegetables directly from our own garden. This for us is the best way to cook at km 0. Are also very popular cappelletti, we prepare fresh every week. Not a very long time we also prepare the cappellacci, similar to but larger, with the filling that cappelletti is not only meat but also of vegetables (Swiss chard and spinach) and a characteristic color paste (green, red, and yellow): beautiful to look at and delicious to eat. On booking we cook the lasagna: classic "bolognese" or the Green pasta and mushroom gravy, very delicate. Also available are different kinds of risotto: with mushrooms, asparagus, artichokes …

Try Main Courses

Most dishes served in our restaurant are definitely wild boar stew, lamb cutlet and the fillet with balsamic vinegar. Then you can taste the pork very tender, official pi'illo anything, scallops served in a variety of ways, or roasts: love the roast of rabbit or Turkey rolled stuffing. During the summer we try to vary with roast beef or veal with tuna sauce, fresh and sparkling. And when the season is a little fresher our clients require tripe with beans and they with the puree.

Specialty cakes

The cakes are our passion.

  • the sweet love and Sweet Tile: remind us of the Festival many years ago;
  • the Tagliatelle cake: with the same recipe, Walnut butter and sugar;
  • trifle: so smooth and creamy.

On the podium of our desserts however we find typical local cake: the cake in the cellar. Each House has its own recipe, each hand has its share, but it remains always the cake for excellence of our mountain. The surprises don't stop: many other cakes baked and frozen desserts, all to try.

ample parkingAmple parking

Large parking lot near the restaurant.





Summer areaOutdoor shed

Under the shed there is ample space for about a dozen people for outdoor dining.

Fresh pasta shop

About a year ago has opened a small shop of fresh pasta at the side of the restaurant where you can buy the products of our production as well as other various food products.

Showcase of Px-fresh Pasta

Showcase of Px-fresh Pasta


We can arrange, with great simplicity and attention to detail, your most important occasions: baptisms, communions, confirmations, anniversaries and birthdays.


You can choose to have us custom cake for your lunch or dinner


LIVA playground

Soccer field

Relax in the restaurant Liva

Relax in the restaurant Liva

Cart with bicycles

Cart with bicycles

Cart with bicycles

  • Area challenges: with table football and table tennis.
  • Nearby walking paths, exploring the fantastic Val Tassaro.
  • In autumn you can take advantage of the chestnut Grove near the restaurant and pick up the chestnuts.

A log cabin style Trentino

In the next few weeks open the cottage "style Trentino" in front of the restaurant with the ability to sleep.

Cottage-style Trentino-coming soon.

Cottage-style Trentino-coming soon.

Hours of operation

Reservations are appreciated.

Midweek closing Thursday.

From June to September open for lunch and dinner. At other times open noon and evening by reservation only. From Monday to Friday from 9.00 to 18.00 hours on Saturday and Sunday from 8.00 a.m. to 24.00

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