Locanda del Castellaro

Restaurant, bar, pizzeria

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Via Donadiolla 15, Vetto (KING)
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Professionalism, hospitality and cleanliness

Locanda del Castellaro is a restaurant with typical Emilian cuisine, located in the small village of Castellaro (Vetto). Here you can taste excellent handmade ravioli and cappelletti, as did the women of yesteryear. Main courses at will and to finish delicious desserts such as cake in the cellar, trifle, tiramisu and much more …

Locanda del Castellaro

Locanda del Castellaro

History of the Inn

The Inn was first opened in 2006. The Club has never existed, there was only one building a stable/barn, has since been renovated into a charming little place that serves as: restaurant, bar, pizzeria. The owner is Mrs. Nobles Paola, who with her daughter Monica business; the owner Mr. Fayyad Daniel and the eldest daughter Barbara help only on weekends. The name "Inn" stems from the fact that, as the initial project had thought about not only do restaurant, but also a few rooms to rent. Unfortunately the project never went through, but the name Inn remained. Than when we started, we made a lot of progress at both culinary aesthetic. In eight years we could make this delicious and inviting.

We love our job! and everything we do we do it with passion and dedication.

Specialties: pasta dishes


Tortelli talking we can find three qualities: herbs, potatoes and pumpkin. All three are great, but those who are more successful for their delicate taste are those of pumpkin. Pumpkin unlike potatoes and herbs, is a food that doesn't always tastes good, depends greatly on the season. That's why we use high quality products. The cheese and cottage cheese we use come from our mountain areas. The tortelli are folded by hand and are always fresh.


Cappelletti are all bent by hand. The filling is made with various types of meat, cheese, eggs, etc. You can taste with meat stock, but they are very good also topped with cream. The broth is prepared with beef and Capon.


Also the ravioli are always hand-bent. Its shape resembles that of cappelletti, are just bigger. The stuffing is prepared with meat, herbs, cheese and ricotta. A great pasta dish that can be served with meat sauce, porcini mushrooms sauce or just butter.

Specialties: main courses


Scallops are a second classic dish. Are slices of pork that can be served with lemon, balsamic vinegar or even better with mushroom sauce.


The filet is a dish a little different than usual. Are pork remains tender meat slices slightly rare, seasoned with balsamic vinegar and cream.


The sliced beef strips are slightly rare served with Arugula, shaved Parmesan and a drizzle of olive oil. Or Rosemary. A dish tasty and effective.

Specialties: Dessert

Torta in cantina

Torta in cantina

Torta in cantina

Torta in cantina is one of the most popular desserts. Very reminiscent of the cake in the cellar that were our grandmothers. Take this name because once they used to put it in the cellar to rest a few days before serving. It is a cake that requires processing a bit long, but has no equal. Torta in cantina is sweet and tasty and contains a bit of everything: doughnut, chocolate, butter, sugar, coffee, etc.

The cake in the cellar is must try!




The tiramisu is a dessert that looks so sublime. Delicate in taste and unique. Consists of: eggs, sugar, mascarpone cheese, and other ingredients, is simple to do and is able to satisfy anyone. The presentation is subjective, each one may decide to serve him as most prefer.

Zuppa inglese

Zuppa Inglese

Zuppa Inglese

Trifle is a dessert very loved by one and all. Its particularity is the intense flavor of the liqueur, which together with the cream from that taste. It is prepared with: eggs, sugar, milk, cocoa, biscuits, etc. It comes in 2 alternate colors are white and red. The liqueurs used are: Alkermes and pebble. Even the cream comes in 2 colors yellow and black. Is a gentle Harlequin-style, making her figure.

and much more …

Hours of operation

Summer opening hours:
From Tuesday to Friday from 9:30 at 21:00
Saturday and Sunday from 9:00 at 23:00.

Winter opening hours:
From Tuesday to Friday from 9:30 at 19:00 (dinner on reservation)
Saturday and Sunday from 9:00 at 22:00.

Closing day: Monday


Pizza chef



BarDuring the day we offer a bar service, for those who want to quench your thirst or just for a coffee and admire the splendid panorama.


VerandaIn the summertime you can dine on the veranda or outside with a beautiful view over the Valley.

A splendid panoramic view
The view near the Inn of Castellaro

Baptisms, communions, confirmations

The restaurant is ideal to celebrate small events with up to 70 people divided into 2 halls. We also celebrate anniversaries and business lunches or dinners.


During Easter, August, Christmas, new year's day lunch and dinner menu and fixed price. The places available are limited, reservations are required.


Over the past two years, at the last day of Carnival, the Castellaro held a fancy dress (eat, drink and have fun) with final prize, which has been a big success. Confident of being able to repeat the same event each year. More detailed information will be given in the approaching event.

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