Trekking in Val Tassaro

The Pro loco di Vetto this year organizes Trekking in the beautiful Val Tassaro. The trip is scheduled for Sunday, 21/05/2017. For details the I attach the handwheel and let the President of the Pro loco Erik Chang that can contact with any questions: 3402335108


Pro loco Vetto: Trekking in Val Tassaro

Sunday, May 8, 2016

A beautiful hike in Val Tassaro with lunch at Trattoria Serena "(at Trattoria Serena you can still book)


  • Meeting point at 9.00 at Vetto in Piazza Pellegrino Nobili and departure with own transport to reach locality "Chicchino mill" (4 km).
  • 9.30 a.m. start time.
  • 12.30 hrs arrival at "Pineto" stop for lunch at Restaurant "Serena" (to booking by 01/05. Trekking map menu 18 €).
  • 15 hours one hour slow return (all downhill!)

Moderately difficult hike (and) it is therefore appropriate attire required: boots, backpack, a change, water bottle filled and some snacks.
In case of heavy weather the excursion will be postponed.

For info: Erik 3,402,335,108

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Pro loco Vetto-trekking Val Tassaro

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Introduction to the Val Tassaro

The Val Tassaro in the province of Reggio Emilia

The Val Tassaro is situated in the community of Vetto in the province of Reggio Emilia, that is part of the region of Emilia Romagna. The Valley find itself at the beginning of the Apennine Mountains. The territory is famous all over the world for its Parmigiano Reggiano cheese, Parma ham, Aceto balsamico, Lambrusco wine, and is considered by many to have the best kitchen of Italy.

A protected area

The Val Tassaro is a relatively small protected area situated close to the National Park that separates Tuscany from Emilia Romagna. The valley is mostly forest with many medieval walking tracks connecting the small villages surrounding the valley.

A valley uncontaminated and rich of history.

Panoramic view over the Val Tassaro seen from B&B La Fossa.

Panoramic view over the Val Tassaro seen from B&B La Fossa.

One of the two beautiful waterfalls of the Val Tassaro

The waterfall of the Tassaro

The waterfall of the Tassaro

A valley beautiful like a wild orchid that just flowered in a small field warmed up by the springtime sun.

Wild orchid

Wild orchid

Restaurants and Bed & Breakfasts

There are some restaurants that are a bit “in the middle of nowhere” but they offer the most delicious authentic specialities. It is true that you need to choose the restaurants where the locals eat: high quality for a very reasonable price.

The spectacular view of B&B La Fossa

The spectacular view of B&B La Fossa

Real authentic rural Italian life. You will not find souvenir shops.


The Val Tassaro is not only important for it’s natural beauty, it has also a rich history. There were two medieval castles of which only the ruins remain because of fierce battles and in the small villages there are still houses of the late medieval period.

Panoramic view of the church of Crovara and the village Scalucchia

Panoramic view of the church of Crovara and the village Scalucchia