Discovery of enigmatic grooves

During a recent excursion was made an interesting discovery: on a long sandstone wall 10 meters high and four inclined 45°, approximately, and oriented according to the thermal helium axis, there are seven loglines, carved into the rock, for the whole length to a depth of 10 cm x 10, almost equidistant and interspersed with small artificial basins, probably , served as steps.


Canals, carved in the rock and small artificial basins that probably served as steps

The rock consists of fine grained sandstone cashing, compact, which immerses you westbound. On the rocky surface, in addition to the grooves, have also been detected incisions due to small tanks, shells and other troublesome signs. The rock was completely covered with MOSS and hidden by the vegetation and it was difficult to set her free. Round about the sandstone wall which bears the grooves, were taken over stone walls, rock alignments and other testimony that combine to express particular interest of the site.

Had an overview, started the hypotheses about the use and age of the engravings, but to no avail; they have also been interviewed elders in place in hopes of memories from the past, but with answers too vague.

By the Scientific Committee of the Italian Alpine Club, were then initiated research, specialised, calling some experts in order to achieve a better interpretation of these enigmatic sculptures, which can open up exciting new cultural scenarios in the Middle mountain.

Val Tassaro is one of the most beautiful natural Apennines, frequented by lovers of the mountain, visitors of the fortress of Crovara and hikers who frequent the paths traced by the Club Alpin reggiano. Even the Scientific Committee (CSS) of CAI makes often visited his research because the Valley offers many starting points for tracking down information and spanning a wide span of time.

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